Introducing Delivery Intelligence

Retailers, brands and shippers can use MetaPack Delivery Intelligence to navigate an increasingly complex delivery landscape and manage their customer promise on delivery choice and performance.

Customer’s expectations on delivery choice and performance is becoming an increasingly important factor. In response to this, shippers are differentiating their offerings and contributing to an increasingly complex delivery landscape.

Our 45-minute webinar will give you an overview of the product and the benefits and show you how you can leverage insights, allowing for data-driven decisions to ensure a consistent delivery experience for consumers. 

Product Benefits: 

Audit Delivery Performance

Improve your customer experience by quickly identifying and proactively resolving issues

Understand your profile

Obtain unique insights into your traffic profile from all shipping origins and destinations

A single source of truth

Understand your customer experience from the start of the journey through to the end.

Manage your delivery promise

Have visibility and control of your customers’ delivery experience in one place


10:00am - 11:00am